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We're not just offering an app; we're building a community. In Stage 1 of our plan, which is Phase One, our primary goal is to reach 100,000 users. During this phase, users enjoy free access to all app content, and we monetize through Google AdMob ads.

Once we achieve 100,000 registered users, we move to Stage 2, where we introduce premium content, including the latest books. The revenue potential is remarkable – with just 10% of our user base paying $0.50 for premium content, we anticipate monthly earnings of $5,000, and this figure doesn't even include the revenue generated through Google AdMob ads.

Based on our promising statistics and current trends, we expect to transition to Phase Two within a year. This next phase will mark the introduction of premium content and a significant boost in revenue potential.

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Our mobile app is strategically tailored for the Turkish market, focusing on e-books, a niche with boundless potential. The ideal buyer doesn't need to know Turkish to manage this app efficiently.

Key Features:

✅ Easily publish three books per week using our library of 4,000 ready-to-publish contents, specially curated for auction winners.

✅ Simplify book management by copy-pasting titles and descriptions.

✅ Leverage Google Translate for descriptions, making it user-friendly for non-Turkish speakers.

App Stats:

We are ready to grant you viewer access to Google Analytics, provide all income evidence, total subscriber proof, and other relevant documents. Please contact us if you are interested.

All downloads are organic, driven by ASO rankings and stats. There are no running expenses.

✅ Total Installs: 160,000+ ✅ Traffic Sources: 95% Organic ✅ Daily Installs: 300 - 400 ✅ Monthly Active Users: 21,000+ ✅ Daily Active Users: 3,400+ ✅ Average Engagement Time: 5 Hours


Our Idea & the Lucrative Potential Behind this app:

✅Stage 1: Building a 100,000 User Community In Phase One, we aim to reach 100,000 users, offering them free access to all app content while monetizing through Google AdMob ads.

✅Stage 2: Premium Content Introduction When we achieve 100,000 registered users, we'll introduce premium content, such as the latest books.

Imagine: With just 10% of users paying $0.50 for premium content, the monthly earnings could reach $5,000, not including Google AdMob revenue.

Our Progress So Far

In Phase One, we've achieved: 🟢 Impressive Google Play Store Ranking 🟢 Exceptional User Engagement (bounce rate consistently < 14%) 🟢 Growing User Registration (26000+ users, new 3,000+ registered users monthly) 🟢 $81/Month from Google admob with just 3,400 daily active users


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Facts & Figures

Business Start Date

November 2022

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