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Mentor Kitchens

Profitable Kitchen Blog for Sale! High-quality content, Amazon affiliates revenue, Google AdSense approved.


Describe your business

This is a blog that offers information related to the kitchen, including product reviews, recipes, tips, and guides. We generate revenue through Amazon affiliates, a program that enables website owners and bloggers to promote products from Amazon.com on their sites by generating links. When customers click on these links and purchase products, we receive a commission from the sales. Furthermore, this blog is approved by Google AdSense, allowing you to earn money from two platforms: Google AdSense and Amazon affiliates.

Why are you selling the business?

I am selling the business for several reasons. I am currently managing multiple blogs and eCommerce websites, which is causing me to not allocate sufficient time to this particular blog. Additionally, I am in need of funds to invest in my other ventures. Selling this blog will also allow me to focus on more lucrative opportunities. With some strategic placement of commercial articles, its earnings could be easily boosted.

What Would You Do to Grow This Site?

Firstly, identify low-competition keywords. Next, focus on writing high-quality, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized content. Quality content is vital for the success of any blog. Additionally, if your goal is to expand the reach of your blog, it is crucial to create content that fulfills these requirements. One effective strategy to improve your blog is to increase the frequency of your posts. Publishing a new post every day can greatly enhance your blog's performance.

Did You Start the Site from Scratch or Did You Buy It? Is It Built on an Expired Domain? Any 301 Redirects Used on the Site? If so, Will They Be Included in the Sale?

Yes, I started this website from scratch by creating a new domain. There are no redirects, including 301, implemented on the site.

What Has Been Your Biggest Struggle with This Site?

One of the biggest struggles I faced with this site was creating high-quality content that resonated with the audience. Additionally, finding low-competition keywords proved to be a challenge. However, through consistent effort and research, I was able to overcome these obstacles and improve the site's performance.

What Is Included with the Site?

The site includes the domain and all files hosted on the server. Additionally, it has social media accounts such as a Facebook page, Twitter, Quora, and Pinterest. Please note that these social media accounts are currently inactive and do not hold significant value. However, if you are interested in acquiring these accounts, I can provide them to you as part of the sale.

How Much Time Do You Spend on the Site? What Tasks Do You Do?

I dedicate time to the site based on my availability and workload, as I also manage multiple blogs. The tasks I primarily focus on include researching and identifying low-competition keywords, creating a comprehensive list of these keywords, and then writing content targeting those keywords. Since I work on multiple projects simultaneously, the time spent on the site can vary. However, I ensure that I allocate sufficient time to consistently work on it and maintain its growth and quality.

Do You Outsource the Content? If Yes, Are You Able to Pass Along the Writer?

No, I do not outsource the content for this site. I personally write all the content myself. Therefore, there is no writer to pass along.

How Did You Build Your Backlinks? Were PBNs Used?

All the backlinks for this blog have been obtained organically, and I have not engaged in any active efforts to build backlinks. There has been absolutely no use of private blog networks (PBNs) to generate links for this blog.

How Many Total Articles Are on the Site?

The site currently has a total of 13 commercial articles and 31 informational articles, bringing the total article count to 44.

What Are the Expenses Associated with the Site? Specifically, What Are the Expenses That Come from Content Creation, Hosting, Backlinks, and Domain Registration?

The expenses associated with the site are as follows:

Content Creation: There are no direct expenses for content creation as I write the content myself.

Hosting: I purchased hosting from a local hosting provider at a cost of $25 per year. However, please note that the hosting is not included in the sale.

Backlinks: The backlinks on the site are acquired organically, so there are no specific expenses associated with backlink building.

Domain Registration: The domain for the site is registered with GoDaddy. The cost of domain renewal can be checked on their website as it may vary


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Business Start Date

November 2022

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