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Power Bank/Portable Charger

Profitable and In-Demand Luxury Power Bank/Portable Charger & Cable Brand


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Describe your business

Profitable eCommerce with $178,500 in TTM revenue and $63,500 in TTM profit selling a unique and much demanded power bank that solves a major problem in the power bank industry. Also, we developed the world's first ever unique type of charging cable that again solves another major problem in the cable industry.

Why are you selling the business?

Although we would like to continue running this ecommerce brand, we don't have enough time and energy to invest as we have other ongoing projects we have been focusing on for now. The right buyer with the right vision can grow this brand further

What is included in the sale?

  • 2000pcs of brand new/fresh inventory of the product(s) at zero cost
  • Codebase and IP
  • Brand
  • Marketing materials
  • Customers
  • Website
  • Social media accounts
  • Domain

What is the technological stack?


What actions are required to keep the business working?

Business is currently on auto pilot. To keep the business working, enable marketing and answer to customer support.

How does your business make money?

Sell products at a price that's higher than the cost and overhead combined.

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

Full marketing cycle from paid facebook ads, to email marketing, paid google ads, facebook group through pre-launch, launch and post-launch stages

How can the future owner improve this business?

Huge untapped opportunity on Amazon and other major ecommerce marketplaces for you to launch in that we haven’t launched this product(s) in. All revenue was derived from first pre-sales/crowdfunding, then offline retailers ordering bulk units and then also small online retailers ordering bulk units of product(s) (they all sold out of the product(s) in their stores). Since revenue was derived from only these sources, imagine launching on Amazon and other major online marketplaces, the potential is huge...

We have the customers. We have the reviews (98% positive ratings). We have put this product(s) into big retail chain stores. All is there, what is required is for the right buyer to invest into marketing, get influencer marketing going too and focus to add features to the existing product(s) and upsell.

Finally, future owner should make new iterations/add new features to product to expand their SKU and business.

Facts & Figures

Business Start Date

December 2020

Post Sale Support


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