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Clipboard Manager for macOS

The cleanest Clipboard Manager on macOS, ever!


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The app is an immersive clipboard management tool designed for Mac, allowing you to quickly search, preview, and use clipboard history at your input position.

The best experience for a clipboard tool is to always display the content I have previously copied at the input position. This is important for focused attention and creativity.

However, there is currently no app on Mac that can achieve this.

That's why we have created one.

The Features:

💡 Use Anytime: Call it up with a single keystroke "⌘ + ;" in any scenario, view, search, preview, and use all your records.

⌨️ Input-focused Menu The pop-up menu appears right at the input position.

🔍 Quick Search Type a letter to instantly search and find even the oldest records.

🌈 Full Format Support: Supports all copyable formats, including images and files.

🔖 Paste Stack Copy content consecutively into a queue, then paste them in order

📱 Sync Mobile Records: With iCloud enabled, text and image records copied on your phone can be viewed on your Mac.

Why are you selling the business? Marketing is suffering for developer. Building is a pleasure for developer. So sell it, get rid of the pain, bring in building time and money, brings me three times the happiness.

So, why not?

The product is gaining recognition in the market, with its user interface being at the forefront among top apps, and its features being on par with leading apps. If you are familiar with the revenue generated by top apps in the same category, such as Paste and Copy'em, you will not regret acquiring it.

Therefore, do not miss out on this opportunity.

What is included in the sale?


  • Official website source code/Vuepress
  • App source code/SwiftUI

Does not includes:

  • Any information of the current user
  • Features that are under development but not yet released
  • Others


Traffic and income screenshots (Google Analytics, Stripe, PayPal, etc.) uploaded by the owner.

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Business Start Date

August 2023

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