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Summarize URLs, Files, Videos, and Text in 1 click using AI


Highlights SaaS with $13,946 in TTM revenue and $7,700 in TTM profit that is an AI Tool for summarizing any content in one click. Users can summarize Files (PDF, PPTX, DOCX, TTX), URLs, Text, and Youtube videos by using our Chrome Extension. Users can either use our Web browser extension or use our web app.

✅ 6k+ weekly users ✅ $13,946 in TTM revenue ✅ $7,700 in TTM profit ✅ $5,963 in revenue last month ✅ $3,614 in profit last month ✅ Competitors: Quillbot, Summari

**Business model and pricing ** Our business model is a freemium. All the plans are based on the number of summaries/m you can generate and some more advanced features. For example, you need a paid account to modify the writing style of the summary, tone of voice, translation, and/or summary length.

We have a free plan with 5 summaries/m, and basic features like editing, saving, and sharing. Summaries can be created from file, YouTube videos, text, and URL. Looking into the paid plans, we offer 3 options:

  • Starter Plan at 4.99$/m (50 summaries /month)
  • Pro plan at 8.99$/m (250 summaries /month)
  • Business Plan at 19.99$/m (1000 summaries /month)

We also provide lifetime deals that have a very high-profit margin based on the customer's usage expectancy:

  • Starter Plan at 39$
  • Pro plan at 149$
  • Business Plan at 339$

**Tech stack this product is built on ** Hosting: Vercel Backend: AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito, SES, CodePipeline, ECS) Development languages: Python (NLP and AI) and Node.js (All the business logic) Payment: Paddle Website: React (app.recapiogpt.com and Web Extension) Feedback: Canny Marketing emails: Mailerlite Metrics: PostHog

**Growth opportunity ** During the past 4 months, we focused on developing the best customer experience possible by creating valuable features based on users' feedback. One growth opportunity available is to develop a marketing strategy. We encourage you to be focused on marketing growth and more brand awareness. In addition, you will have the possibility to keep growing the product by providing new features already identified from requests made on our public roadmap: https://recapiogpt.canny.io/new-features.

Another opportunity will be to increase the application conversion rate. More than 7.4K potential customers visit our website every month. Moreover, you can continue improving and increasing our SEO to reach the top of customer research and drive even more traffic.

**Reason for selling ** As builders, we truly enjoy bootstrapping startups from scratch (ideation; idea validation; go-to-market strategy; business model; tech development).

We are currently focusing on bootstrapping from scratch our new SaaS Project, and we can't fully dedicate our time to take RecapioGPT to the next level. Thus, considering RecapioGPT has been structured to be scalable, we are looking for someone (individual or company) to take on the project and continue the next chapter.


No funds/debts are linked to this project: 100% bootstrapped.

**Asking price reasoning **

We're asking this price for 3 main reasons: 1. Scalable Tech: you will own a custom and powerful content-extracting algorithm. All the technical architecture is based on AWS to be able to scale with your customers. 2. Strong Community: We placed the customer at the center of our growth strategy. It's a product driven by the users. We create features that delight them from the requests our community made on our public roadmap (recapiogpt.canny.io). With our customer obsession culture, we're positioning the product in a better position than the competitors with 90% of our reviews being 5 stars. 3. Revenue and Net Profit: As of today, we are currently on the verge of reaching 10K revenue with a 6K profit. Our cost optimization mechanisms enabled us to have a 96% of margin on operational costs. Based on that, our productivity tool is a very lucrative business that ensures a high return on investment.


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Business Start Date

March 2023

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