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Interactive 3D Digital Twin Building in Your Smartphone


ClewGO is more than just a map with smart, customizable floor navigation and the ability to leave a tag on the map with a text message or place an interactive ad in the form of a quest.

It is a tool that is much better than others at keeping users' attention and engaging them in the life cycle of the entire building.

All participants interact with each other, and the building itself acts as a connecting link.

Opportunities: — Modern and convenient floor navigation; — New marketing tool; — System for collecting and analyzing data on visitor behavior; — Strengthening the image and obtaining the status of a high-tech building; — Reduction of operating costs; — Increasing level of security; — Improving the quality of service and attracting more visitors / tenants.

Features: — It works through a browser on a smartphone or tablet; — Full 3D building model with interactive and animation; — Built-in QR Scanner; — The ability to leave a mark on the map with a text message and an emoji; — And also highlight key positions on maps; — We focus on multifunctionality and gamification (User eXperience).

Smart Floor Navigation in 3D: Create a route containing several places to visit, choose the most convenient one, share it. Postpone routes for later, for example, the route to the parking space where the car was parked. In one touch, rearrange the route to the evacuation exit in case of an emergency.

Interactive and Gamification: Conduct interactive events, invent and create active games. Involve users to take part in the life cycle of your building. Establish a connection between visitors, administration and tenants. Improve and increase your performance.

Whoosh! Аnd Done: 5-8 hours to create a 3D model of all the floors of the building.

Facts & Figures

Business Start Date

June 2021

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