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Digist It!

A personal news summarizer digest service that is 100% automated and built entirely with no-code tools.


DigistIt.com is a personal news summarizer digest service that is 100% automated and built entirely with No-Code tools and is currently operational (signup to try it).

Unlike read-it-later services where you simply bookmark stories to never get around to reading; or newsletters that often send you too many irrelevant stories; DigistIt.com lets the user choose news and stories of interest which are summarized into brief bullets and sent as a single email digest each week.

User finds Digistit.com through another site or directly visits digistit.com Upon submitting an email to subscribe, the user is instructed to check their email for confirmation. The user then checks their email to click and confirm a valid address. The user is on added to the newsletter queue after an email confirmation is received. After email confirmation, the user receives a welcome email that instructs them how to set up their bookmarklet to start sending news stories to their personal summary queue. 48 hours after email confirmation, a second onboarding email is sent. The user receives a single email each week with their specific stories summarized with an opt-out link at the bottom of each email.

What is the technological stack?

  • Make.com (4 primary steps: ingest, summarize, clean, compile plus voting mechanism and unsubscribe) $35/mo
  • Sendfox.com Newsletter Management Free to $10/mo (or $50 lifetime)
  • Carrd.co Website Free to $19/yr
  • Smmry.com $0.001 per 500 characters returned
  • TLDRthis.com via RapidAPI $10/mo
  • Gmail free (though you need to re-authenticate in Make weekly)

What actions are required to keep the business working?

Weekly re-authentication of Make.com with Gmail, or switching to a paid Gmail Workplace account or another email platform, to maintain email sending.

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

Posting in a few startup and Reddit forums yielding about 30 unique users each month.

What is included in the sale?

Web site, domain name, all make.com scenarios, email templates, email address list of 8 subscribers, moving various components to the buyers account within each platform, configuration to work with buyer’s accounts.

How can the future owner improve this business?

Switching from Gmail to another service for email newsletter sending is necessary to scale but I just never got around to it.

The Make.com scenario has support for RSS feeds through Inoreader, which I have been using for my personal needs. I think users would be more inclined to increase usage if integration was made with other RSS readers and read-it-later services like Pocket and Instapaper.

I would suggest the above two updates before any broad marketing announcements or efforts. (ProductHunt, LaunchingNext, etc)

No revenue yet. but advertising within the emails is the ideal method - affiliate links or banner ads.


Traffic and income screenshots (Google Analytics, Stripe, PayPal, etc.) uploaded by the owner.

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Facts & Figures

Business Start Date

February 2022

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