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Clipboard Manager for macOS
Clipboard Manager for macOS ✨ Editor's Choice

The cleanest Clipboard Manager on macOS, ever!

Electric Vehicles Blog
Electric Vehicles Blog ✨ Editor's Choice

Fantastic Profitable and Brandable Business in the Growing eMobility Niche, Making $900/mo via Ads, Amazon Associates

Golang Job Board
Golang Job Board ✨ Editor's Choice

Tech job board and developer directory with $10,112 in TTM revenue and $9,658 in TTM profit started in 2018 and the majo

AI Content Creation for Blogs, Emails & Ads

Create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster.

AI-Powered Copywriting Tool
AI-Powered Copywriting Tool ✨ Editor's Choice

A highly popular AI-based AI Voice Over, Speech to Text, AI Images, AI Code, etc.

Personal Health Assistant
Personal Health Assistant ✨ Editor's Choice

A personal health assistant who makes advanced health data analytics simple and fun.

AI Chatbot Apps
AI Chatbot Apps ✨ Editor's Choice

AI chatbot apps (Android + iOS) with 152 active subscriptions and $1500 monthly recurring revenue.

Social Proof Widgets App
Social Proof Widgets App ✨ Editor's Choice

Convert up to 300% more visitors into leads, demos, and sales with more than 30+ widgets.

Discord RPG Game Bot
Discord RPG Game Bot ✨ Editor's Choice

Discord Bot that simulates JRPG with over 722 Collectable Cards and 422 Skins!

AI Avatars Generator
AI Avatars Generator ✨ Editor's Choice

A service that allows you to create your own AI avatars

Safari Booking Website
Safari Booking Website ✨ Editor's Choice

A safari booking website providing our clients with exceptional complete end-to-end booking solutions

Marketplace to Buy/Sell Side-Projects

The easiest way to buy and sell your side projects!

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