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Interactive 3D Digital Twin Building in Your Smartphone


An easy way to create 'link-in-bio' pages similar to a tool like Linktree.

Marketing Redefined

A marketing blog with members subscriptions, sponsored content and advertising options.


Your contactless digital menus


Double your productivity and focus with Moodly.


Identify underperforming deployments by monitoring your application speed and behaviors.


An online college textbook platform, which enables students to buy, sell, trade, and rent textbooks.

Short Links

Short links on 23 plus domains.

Drift Sleep and Meditation App

Drift is an iOS and Android sleep app that combines the beautiful places in our world with their natural soundscapes.


The world’s largest freehand drawing stock icons provider and editor.


Create unique social media content, in bulk. You have to design once and the unique designs are generated automatically.


Customize Bootstrap layout, content and components to generate your own custom design.

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