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 Autumn Shopify App

A Shopify app that auto post your products to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

The Freelance Fix

Software templates and resource bundle with online course trainings, with over 300+ templates.


Open your own online sales channel for free and receive your customers orders by WhatsApp.


The first smart online Résumé review platform. Know why companies ignore your Résumé by sharing it with people you know

Dotnik Studio Academy

High-Quality Learning Management System (LMS / Education-Niche)

SaaS Companions

A private community for SaaS Founders with a built-in shared-success operating system (Companionship O.S)


An app to allow all the gamers to challenge other gamers in online tournaments

Scholarship Call

Scholarship Call is a platform that help students finding scholarships and awards quickly and easily.


We have developed a telegram bot constructor that allows you to create a tool for automatically receiving and processing


An automated system for getting fast, objective feedback from multiple references on applicants.


You have the opportunity to buy the IP of a complete SMS Marketing platform connected to the Square community (6M biz).


Zoomies connects with your work & personal calendars and allows you to join your meetings from one-place with one-click.

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