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Email Verification API
Email Verification API ✨ Editor's Choice

Open-source email verification API. Check if an email exists without sending an actual email.


No spam - No AI™ - No suggestions - No ads Just your stuff, straight in your inbox

The First Class Freelancer

The First Class Freelancer Newsletter, by Fuelance is a weekly round up of freelance and remote jobs


OrangewavesAI is a no code AI website chatbot development platform , these can be used to greet users, automate stuff.


App discovery newsletter, focused on the Apple software ecosystem.


The only AI copywriting tool with sustainability in mind. You generate content while we regenerate the environment.


Job Board SaaS - your customers can create and monetise their own job boards

Invoice Gold

Flexible, pay as you go invoicing and quotation platform for freelancers and small businesses.


Helpdesk to create and manage tickets directly on Slack (like Atlassian Jira)

No-Signup Tools

Free web apps that don't require signup

Legends of Uzarn

A web 3 blockchain card game that is full of fun


An easy way to receive micro-donations (from $0.05) for what you create or share on the internet 💸

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